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January 23, 2014
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Past - Present: Esmeralda by Novere Past - Present: Esmeralda by Novere
:icontespia:'s Esmeralda this time
Not... my best entry, because uh, it's a horrible mistake to pick up the project after a 2 week break (the first image was drawn 2 weeks ago, the other one today), but uh well... spilled milk will be spilled milk.

Esmeralda was part of a group of travelling gypsies and the gem of their baron, his wife so to speak. They never had children, for she couldn't bear the baron's children. They travelled north-east, met the land of fall and Esmeralda met the prince of fall. He gave her promises and love, but her baron took her away.
A couple of months later the baron was gifted with a child at last, but the child wasn't his. Knowing the origin of said child he forced her to return it to the actual father and move on with the baron's group. She never carried children again, the baron cast her out and her prince of fall closed the doors before her with her son nowhere to be found.

From yesterday, been postponing to post it because I feel realy unhappy considering I drew both images with a big timegap apart and they look accordingly drawn-apart... But, ugh... Uh well. Like I said - spilled milk and no time to really fix that now, eh.
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