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Past - Present: Oliver and Aeryn by Novere Past - Present: Oliver and Aeryn by Novere
Aeryn and Oliver both fled their family houses to live a life of freedom, to travel south to the summerlands and find their luck there. Aeryn was the youngest son of house Wolf, the brittan rulers, and Oliver was the secret son of the novern crown prince and a southern gypsy. He never got to know any of his parents, which was probably for the better.
Their early and careless decision to live without family or obligations lead them to steal, and often stealing would also involve taking from the poor that had little to begin with. They spent all their teenagehood stealing and travelling south to the land of summer, the reign of Martelles. Aeryn never liked the idea of stealing, and Oliver blindly promised they would never have to steal again in Martelles, a land much richer and sunnier than the north could ever have been. Little did they know that the wealth and the open arms of Martelles were only fairytales and wildren boys like them were far from welcome. They spent a few years trying to become street artists, but all attempts to gather coins were short-lived and often dangerous, littered with hostile people and martels that hated foreign wildren strolling their country.
One day Aeryn was fortunate enough to be graced by the kindness of saint Clerence, the "white lion" of Martelles, who kindly opened his arms to Aeryn and offered him food and shelter, for he was a boy with a big fortune ahead. Oliver refused to accept the helping hand of the saint, not putting any trust in the man that proclaimed himself saint. Aeryn blindly accepted the saint's kindness, beginning to doubt Oliver's promises to become honest and never having to steal again.
So their ways part in Martelles bitterly, after 7 years of being so close. Both turn into the direction of an unknown fate alone.

...that being said, both of them might get their own seperate illustrations on what happens after. Maybe.
ALSO Aeryn is :icontespia:'s

Past - Present: Adall by Novere
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